With Avengers: Endgame out in theatres globally, you must be thinking whether end game has a mid-credit sequence or post-credit sequence. Till now every movie of MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE has a sequence at the ending of a movie . However Endgame does not have any visual.

Endgame is the 22nd movie in the MCU and for the first time this movie does not have a visual sequence on the end of the movie. however you can sit till the end as there is a audio at the end, when the marvel logo appears. the metal hitting metal sound is open to interpretation, you can give your views about this on comment as we don’t have any theory about this. so when credit begins to roll, the choice is yours. you can leave the theatre or wait to listen that sound.

Endgame is the end of Phase 3 of the MCU,and as we know these movie will be known as , THE INFINTY SAGA.

we love you IRON MAN 3000 and more

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